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PM Services has an excellent team of professionals (people and companies) who have been identified over the last four years as having the necessary skills, proven track record, local knowledge and unparalleled relationships with key decision makers. For these reasons PM Services is highly flexible and able to react quickly and professionally to our customers demands.

Our costs are also highly competitive as PM Services works mainly with local people and companies to deliver local solutions. Further details can be found below:



All of our accounts functions are outsourced to Prospect Consult SRL who provide a one stop location for all of our clients accountancy requirements.

Based in Bucharest Prospect has a full knowledge of the Romanian fiscal regulations and are highly adaptable in how information is reported to clients. With a portfolio of blue chip Romanian and overseas clients Prospect are highly experienced accountants who can provide information in any format that suits your specific reporting requirements. They also offer excellent value for money fees.

PM Services also utilise an online company called Personal Assistant Services SRL to provide all of their administrative requirements. PA Services is a cost effective online alternative to employing a full time PA and as we only pay for the time that we need our overheads are low allowing us to pass savings on to our clients. The best bit though is less employee’s to manage and less taxes to pay!

Construction Design and Fit Out


PM Services are not contractors and instead we have an established association with H&J Martin Romania who can provide our clients with a one stop shop for design and build projects or fit outs. Alternatively, PM Services is equally comfortable to fully tender all aspect of projects from design to construction as part of our normal development management services.

Legal Services


PM Services retains the legal services of Romanian lawyer Irina Traistaru who ensures that our clients requirements are met quickly and at minimum cost. Irina has more than 6 years of experience as a lawyer and is a specialist in the following disciplines of civil, commercial, administrative, family and labour law.

Asset Management


Asset management is carried out largely in-house by PM Services.

Project Management & Cost Consultancy


Project management is directed in-house but for cost consultancy we recommend that our clients contract directly with the International company Bruce Shaw Romania. PM Services has a long association with Mark Keane of Bruce Shaw whom we regard as being a leader in the field of cost consultancy.



Our clients valuation requirements vary from time to time depending on both the type of asset and nature of the valuation required. For this reason PM Services has a strong association with two of Romania’s most respected surveying companies. These are DTZ Echinox led by Tim Wilkinson and SHM Smith Hodgkinson Romania SRL led by David Howard.

Tourism Consultancy


With tourism development becoming one of the fastest growing sectors in Romania, PM Services tourism consultancy team have never been busier. With a combined experience of more than eighteen years of managing coastal holiday resorts recent projects include market research, business planning and design work in Romania.